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Kaweco Liliput Brass Wave Fountain Pen



The fountain pen made of wave brass is particularly sustainable. It is made entirely from the well-known Eco brass in Germany and must pass through very short transport routes. The used brass is lead-free and, since it is untreated, develops an individual patina over time. The wave structure creates a play of light and shadow on the pen, which gives the fountain pen a dynamic look.

Measuring only 9.7 cm when closed, just 8.7 cm when opened, and 12.5 cm when the cap is attached to the barrel, the Liliput is one of the world's smallest fountain pens.

Exquisite metals grant versatility: from light aluminium for on the go to copper and brass, which develop a unique patina over time, this fountain pen leaves nothing to be desired.

Five different nib sizes are available, from extra fine to extra broad. While the extra fine nib (EF) is suitable for small and delicate handwritings, the extra broad (BB) nib is often used for large, dramatic signatures. For beginners, we recommend the nib size medium (M). All nibs are produced in Germany.

Suitable for the fountain pen, we offer a clip made from bronze as well as great leather cases to protect the pen on the go. The Kaweco Squeeze Converter is specially developed for the fountain pen of the Liliput series to fill with ink from an ink bottle.


  • Material: Brass
  • Length Posted: 12.6cm
  • Length Closed: 9.7cm