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Kaweco Original Fountain Pen



The Kaweco Original's elegant lines and distinctive design gives this new pen a timeless persona. The clean and classic design of the pen is harmonized by a scratch-resistant matte finish of the aluminum barrel and the the chrome-plated detailing. The basic shape is based on pens from the late 50s.

The Kaweco Original is expertly balanced for long writing without the cap posted. When on the go or when changing meeting rooms, the original can be securely attached to a desk pad or shirt pocket, for example, with its flexible clip.

This pen is compatible with standard European cartridges or a standard European converter.


  • Classic Kaweco aesthetic
  • Scratch resistant matte-black finish
  • Twist cap with integrated clip


  • Standard European Cartridge or Converter
  • Available in the smaller 060 Nib and the larger 250 nib
  • Aluminum