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Lamy Dialog CC Fountain Pen



The Lamy Dialog is a ground-breaking capless fountain pen with retractable nib: twisting the pen half a turn makes the sophisticated 14 carat gold nib appear or disappear. When closed, a ball valve prevents the retracted nib from drying out and getting dirty. This innovative rotating mechanism makes this premium fountain pen the first of its kind.

This dark matte blue Dialog cc is the successor to the Dialog 3, which was designed in 2009 by famed industrial designer Franco Clivio, also known for his designs for Erco, FSB, Gardena, Rodenstock and Siemens.


  • The clip has been replaced with a roll stop, adding to the minimalistic look of the pen.
  • By popular demand the pen is now slightly shorter and more delicate.
  • The contrasting parts of the pen are executed in luxurious rose gold.
  • The finial has been given a more elegant shape. 


  • The fountain pen uses the ink cartridge/converter filling system.