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Octopus Write and Draw Cleaner



Special Cleaner for Write and Draw Inks and pigmented inks

The Write & Draw Cleaner supports the cleaning of your sensitive writing instruments.

The use of pigmented, waterproof inks in fountain pens requires diligent care of these sensitive writing instruments. When using dye-based inks, fountain pens can be cleaned with relatively little effort even after very long periods of use. When using pigmented inks, however, you should take care not to allow any residue to dry in the fountain pen, as this can usually only be removed by mechanical cleaning with the aid of aggressive cleaning agents.

To prevent this, we recommend that you always clean your fountain pens thoroughly after use. To achieve a better cleaning effect than with clear water, we have developed the Write & Draw Cleaner. This special fountain pen cleaner dissolves the colour pigments as well as the binder contained in the Write & Draw inks and thus ensures residue-free cleaning of your writing instruments. It is suitable for fountain pens, calligraphy nibs, brushes and glass nibs. If necessary, you can also leave the ink cleaner to work overnight.

The Write & Draw Cleaner contains only mild cleaning substances so that steel or gold nibs, ink conductors or brush bristles are not affected. In the case of nibs with coloured coatings (gold, copper, black), these may come off if additional mechanical cleaning is carried out. We recommend testing this on an inconspicuous area beforehand.

The fountain pen cleaner is not suitable for removing pigmented inks that have already dried up.

Just like the Write & Draw drawing inks, the cleaner is made exclusively from vegan ingredients.