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Platinum Chou Kuro - 60mL Bottle



Platinum Chou Kuro fountain pen ink is the blackest ink ever created from Platinum in its 104-year history! An ink that is blacker than black, and 46.8% darker than Platinum's famous Carbon Black, this new permanent ink from Platinum is going to set the new standard of what is possible from permanent black ink in the fountain pen market. 60ml Bottle.

Caution: Pigmented inks are intended for use in fountain pens, though they require more diligent maintenance and should not be left to dry out in a pen. It is best to clean it from your pen at least once a week to prevent clogging. Certain pens may handle pigmented inks better than others.


  • Waterproof, pigment-based fountain pen ink
  • Glass bottle design
  • Made in Japan